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Go Green with Recycling

Recycling is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. With Nooksack Valley Disposal & Recycling, Inc., recycling has never been easier. We'll provide you with recycling bins and pick your recycling up every other week. Your recycling pick-up day will correspond with your garbage pick-up for the utmost convenience.


We recycle plastic containers used for food, beverages, detergents and more. Call our office today at 360-354-3400 to sign up for recycling service and receive your recycle bin.

Prepare Your recyclabes for Pick Up 

Some recyclable materials require preparation before they can be picked up by our service. By following the instructions for each recyclable product below, you are ensuring your recyclable items are processed appropriately.​


You can also drop by our self-service transfer station at 250 Birch Bay - Lynden Road to dispose of your recycling.




ALUMINUM & TIN                                      

Aluminum cans & tin cans ONLY

  • Rinse clean & remove paper labels

  • Flatten aluminum cans when possible

  • No aerosol or paint cans


  • Glass bottles & jars only – NO BROKEN GLASS

  • Remove lids & rinse clean, labels OK

  • No light bulbs, mirrors, dishware, window glass

  • Colored glass bottles & jars OK


  • Newspapers & Mixed Paper

    • Inserts, ads, junk mail, magazines, catalogs, office papers & paper cartons

  • No plastic coated paper, milk or fruit juice cartons

  • No paper towels, tissues, toilet paper, feminine products or diapers

  • Absolutely NO shredded paper is accepted for curbside pick-up! Put shredded paper in a paper bag, seal shut with tape or staples & bring to Transfer Station.

PLASTIC RECYCLING – Plastic Bottles & Jars ONLY

  • Remove all lids, rinse and flatten

  • No film plastic, oil or anti-freeze bottles, plastic bags, plastic toys, animal waste bags, or plastic bags

  • Place in plastic tub (ie: laundry basket or Rubbermaid-type tote) that you supply yourself – not to exceed 32 gallons in size (LIMIT 1) – Do NOT use a Cardboard Box for recycling!!!


  • Cardboard Bundle must be PLACED ON THE GROUND near recycle bins

  • Flatten cardboard & bundle with tape or string (LIMIT 1 BUNDLE)

  • Bundle must not exceed 2ft x 3ft x 1ft high – Break down cardboard & cut large boxes to size

  • LARGE HOUSEHOLD QUANTITIES MUST BE BROUGHT TO THE TRANSFER STATION – NO CHARGE* FOR CUSTOMERS!  *There may be a charge for quantities larger than “household” amount.


  • Lead/acid automotive batteries only  

  • We no longer recycle household-type batteries

Motor Oil

  • Use 1 gallon clear container (ie: milk jug) with screw-on lid

  • Limit 2 gallons, no quarts/pails, no anti-freeze, engine flush or solvents


  • All types of clean metal accepted

  • No aerosol or paint cans, no plastic or wood attachments

  • Must be in container that will be taken, set next to recycling bins (no larger than a recycle bin size)


Please bring large quantities of recyclables – including appliance & moving boxes – to our Recycling Center at 250 Birch Bay-Lynden Rd, Lynden.  



For questions, call 360-354-3400.


Transfer Station/Recycling Center Hours:    

Monday-Friday 8am - 4pm

Saturday 9am - 12pm


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