When should I put my garbage and recycling out?

All garbage and recycling must be placed for pick-up before 4:00 AM on your designated pick-up day. We recommend placing the bins out the night prior to pickup.


Do you pick up on holidays?

Yes! Garbage and recycling collection remains business as usual, even on holidays. Be sure to place your bins out before 4:00 AM the day of pick-up.


How can I pay my bill?

You now have 3 options for bill payment:

1. You can mail your bill stub and a check payable to Nooksack Valley Disposal, P. O. Box 267 Lynden, WA 98264.

2. You can stop by our office located at 250 Birch Bay - Lynden Road during office hours.

3. You can sign up for our auto-pay program. Simply call 360-354-3400.


What should I do if my pick-up is missed?

If you miss your garbage or recycling collection, simply call our office at 360-354-3400. When possible, we will attempt to pick up your garbage or recycling the same day. If circumstances or your location prevent us from collecting the same day, you may need to wait until your next scheduled pick-up day.


You may also take advantage of our self-service transfer station at 250 Birch Bay - Lynden Road.


What if I have extra garbage or recycling?

If you have extra garbage on your pick-up day, simply give us a call at 360-354-3400 prior to your pick-up. Just let us know the amount of waste you will be putting out and we will do our best to accommodate you. In some cases, our trucks may not be able to collect all your materials in one pick-up due to capacity limits.


How can I dispose of hazardous waste (paint, solvents, etc.)?

Due to the nature and variety of various hazardous waste products, please call our office at 360-354-3400 for information on how to properly dispose of your items.


I've lost my recycling bin. How can I obtain another?

All recycling bins are the property of Nooksack Valley Disposal & Recycling, Inc. If your bin has been lost or stolen, you may receive a new bin after paying a replacement fee. Please call our office at 360-354-3400 with additional questions concerning recycling bin replacement.


What types of plastic containers can be recycled?

Any food-grade plastic container with a bottle-like neck, Pet 1 - 7, can be recycled. Please clean, rinse and flatten all plastic bottles set for recycling.  Please call us at 360-354-3400 if you have a large quantity.


How do I dispose of appliances?

You have 2 options for appliance disposal:

1. Call our office at 360-354-3400 to request a special pick-up

2. Bring your used appliance to our self-service transfer station at 250 Birch Bay - Lynden Road. Drop off hours are Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM and Saturday 9:00 AM -

12:00 PM.


Can I recycle scrap metal?

Yes! You can drop off scrap metal at our self-service transfer station located at 250 Birch Bay - Lynden Road Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM and Saturday 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM. If you require a roll-off container (25yd box) due to a large quantity of scrap metal, please call our office at 360-354-3400.


I have questions about my bill? Who can I talk to?

Questions concerning your bill can be addressed by our office personnel. Please call our office at 360-354-3400 Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM.